Pest Control

Pest Control

In our area, pest control is often thought of as mosquito control. While that is accurate, other pests must be managed to maintain our pond and lake habitats. Geese can even be classified as “pests” in the pond and lake management arena. 

Mosquitoes, midges and other aquatic pests can be a nuisance to humans but they are also typically a symptom of the ponds or lakes ecosystems being out of balance. These aquatic pests feed off the algae that is present in an out of balance system.  

Geese populations double every three years and are a constant issue for pond and lake owners. Geese can destroy a lawn and leave their droppings all over your property. These droppings can then leach unhealthy bacteria into the soil and flow into the water systems through rain or runoff. 

Pest management can vary depending on the type of pest present in your aquatic environment.

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