Ponds and bodies of water are a prized asset for a homeowner or community. Care of your pond to keep it in optimal condition involves dredging the pond as part of it’s maintenance.

Total Lake Care’s process involves evaluating the amount of sediment in your pond or lake then removing the sediment using the most up to date equipment.

Dredging your pond or lake provides the benefit of removing unwanted sediment and toxins that accumulate in the water as the natural evolution of plant life and water life die and disintegrate. This causes build up of excess composted material, raising the level of the bottom of the water, making your pond or lake shallow.

The benefits of dredging include:

  • Deeping your pond or lake
  • removing toxins from decaying sediment
  • Pollution control
  • Preserving the waterlife that lives in the pond or lake
  • Improve the property value of your home or community

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