Algae and Weed Control

Algae and Weed Control

Algae and weed control as a pond or lake owner seems to be a never ending battle in the LowCountry. The best way to combat algae and weeds is to be proactive. Total Lake Care believes in using nature to control algae and weeds as much as possible, by keeping your pond or lake in optimal condition. By naturally balancing the ecosystem, algae and weeds have no way to grow and thrive.

Out of control algae and weeds is a sign that your pond or lake is “out of balance” and that the nutrients the algae or weeds need to live are in abundance. Clean, clear water is a combination of proper dredging maintenance, nutritional balance and water aeration.

Algae and weed disruption is an ongoing process that requires maintenance and balance. Total Lake Care’s algae and weed management plan includes:

  • An aeration plan utilizing fountains or other means to keep water moving
  • Keeping the pond or lake bottom clean and clear of plant decay
  • Regular dredging to control algae and promote pond or lake health
  • Bank erosion control using natural buffers
  • Periodic treatment with beneficial pond bacteria

On the occasion we do have to use an algaecide or herbicide for difficult algae or weeds, we only use products that are meant to be used in water. It has been tested for aquatic life and we take care to make sure the products “do no harm” to the local wildlife.

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